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Greetings dear Whanau and Welcome 🙏 - namaste to new members.

It feels challenging to begin to share words on this site. We are used to connection at such profound energetic and soul levels that the IT feels mundane 🤪🙃 and ohhh where to begin!!

Since our shared meditation " The People Who Matter" I have also been aware of the need to have more worldly connections - in physical time and space, with presence and words with each other.

I am excited 😁 and honored to co-create with our Guides and all of you a Spiritual Battery of Light and Love to assist and enhance the sacred pathway for the Divine Feminine to enter our human world and all of life on beautiful Papatuanuku - our Paradise.

I did capture some full moon shots during the Full Bloom Moon 🌕 which I would love to share - lets see if I can master the process of getting it onto this page!!!

Wouldnt it be cool 😎 👌 to see full moons from all our places/spaces??!!

Much love to all


Joanne Inder

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