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About Sue 

Sue (Matakina) is a Registered Nurse and has completed extensive postgraduate studies in Midwifery, Paediatrics, Neonatal and Child Health Nursing. A prolonged experience of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome prompted her to explore complementary healing modalities and she has since completed comprehensive studies such as a Diploma in Healing Energies, training as a Wu Tao Dance teacher and Wanaka teachings with a Maori elder in sacred wisdom, higher learning, meditation and spiritual initiation. Her energy healing practice has now evolved to include Sacred Harmonics Sound Healing in a beautiful combination of both modalities. Sue’s healing work encompasses people, animals and the natural world. Her clients range from people who are facing end of life to new souls ready to enter the world – and everyone in between! Her focus is on supporting people who are ready to explore their spiritual path and purpose while navigating the joys and challenges of life and living.

Sue’s own spiritual path is ever evolving and she is excited about what is yet to be discovered!

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