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Wu Tao

In each class of Wu Tao, we embark together upon a beautiful and personal journey through the elements of Air, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth.

As we breathe, dream, stretch, dance and meditate, we gently ease more fully into the Tao – into the harmonious flow of the life-force, the Qi (chi) of Life. 

Being in the flow feels great and promotes health and wellbeing, balancing the energies of yin and yang so that we feel grounded, present and able to more easily navigate the ups and downs of life.

Wu Tao is more than a dance class – it is a community of people who share a love of nature, who wish to live in health and harmony and who love to dance! ☺

If this is you – come and dance with us!

Classes held Tuesday Mornings in Natural spaces around the Sutherland Shire and Via Zoom

For Bookings and more information please contact

General Class Cost $20

*Try 1st Class for FREE*


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